About Millers Prediction League


'Moosenet' was an e-mailing list for fans of Cambridge United FC in the good old days, and way back in 1998 the Moosenet Prediction League evolved from it as a bit of fun between list members. Rotherham United Supporters' Trust fancied a go too, so the RUST Prediction League started up in the 2002-2003 season. The RUST connection has sort-of faded, so we're simply the Millers Prediction League now. The format was shamelessly nicked from the Seagulls Fantasy League before that, and has barely evolved since (other than having got a bit geeky, with website bells and whistles - this version was shiny and new in 2018).

The General Idea

Predict the result, nominate one goalscorer and guess the attendance. Get points for doing so (see 'Rules'). If you think you're going to get rich or famous by winning, you need to think again. There are no prizes, precious little glory and very few modelling contracts to be won.


If you have any thoughts or ideas, or grand schemes, or want to pick my brains, use the 'Contact' form.